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Simplifying and accelerating the reimbursement processWe have developed technology that gives financial transparency to Sponsors and CROs, shifting the time-consuming burden from investigators and speeding up the subject reimbursement process. is an online payment platform for Sponsors, CROs, investigators and patients participating in clinical trials. It allows Sponsors to reimburse patients for travel costs and to send payments directly to their bank accounts, MasterCard prepaid cards or by postal orders.Reimbursement-diagramPayClinical collects personal data forms completed by patients from their study sites. An individual, visit driven custody bank account identified by patient’s study number is set up for each patient.
Clinical Research Associates or other Sponsor representatives enter the reimbursable costs per visit for each registered patient and send immediate payments. PayClinical wires the approved payments to patients’ bank accounts provided on personal data forms, by postal orders to their home address or to MasterCard prepaid card provided by PayClinical upon request. Patients receive SMS notifications about each payment.
Sponsors send payments to  bank accounts assigned to their clinical trials. PayClinical provides Sponsors with monthly account statements, bank confirmations, statistical reports, cost projections and more. Payment services are performed by Let Me Pay in a cooperation with Citibank and Bank BNP Paribas. Let Me Pay is an authorised Payment Institution (PI) regulated and supervised by Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
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